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Open Source Data Framework

OSDF is a free resource providing the tools and approach to deliver a variety of data initiatives.

Requiring no sign-up it supports your specific data objectives through its connected methodology, allowing each data initiative to be deployed on its own or ‘picked and mixed’ to create a custom strategic approach.

Open source in nature means OSDF development is a community effort allowing anyone to improve OSDF by validating, updating and adding new content. Through a federated structure OSDF delivers a harmonised, relevant and practiced approach to delivering a range of data initiatives.

Providing a common language to the data professional, OSDF is driving cooperation and standardisation in the data community.

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Data Quality

Identify, improve, manage & maintain data to a required level

Data Governance

Enable the right people to make the right decisions about data

Data Architecture

Define data processes including the current & target environment


Master Data Management, create data’s ‘single source of truth'

Data Maintenance

Required processes & people to manage data through its lifecycle

Data Design

Collaboratively defined data descriptions, purpose & standards

Data Migration

Removal & transfer of data between current & future applications

Data Integration

Unified view of data that moves between different data sources

Data Protection

Process, control and compliance for Data Security and Data Privacy

Data Analytics

Delivering insights, analysis and intelligence from your raw data

Big Data

Unlock value of large volumes of various data that changes rapidly


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OSDF development is a collective effort requiring input from individuals of varying of experience and expertise. This open source, free service requires cooperation and collaboration to create the common standards required to successfully deliver data initiatives.

Submit your ideas, updates and new content using the button below and become part of the OSDF community, helping to build a reliable, reusable and relevant toolkit for all data professionals. There is no sign up needed and there are no costs involved.

Join the Advisory Panel

The OSDF Advisory Panel are responsible for the validation and publication of OSDF content. The support and participation of these industry experts ensures that the OSDF framework remains relevant and delivers maximum value to its users.

Becoming an OSDF Advisory Panel member is reviewed on an individual basis. To submit your request for joining the panel please include the your key experiences, capabilities and area of expertise after clicking the button below.

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